Choose a sexy box

Fill in a very simple questionnaire to tell us about your preferences and we will get down to
preparing your box. We have 2 levels of boxes available, the basic and the VIP. Choose one
that suits your appetite best.


We handpick your box

We want only as much information as you are comfortable sharing. With that we’ll start putting
together a sequence of boxes that will leave you and your partner yearning for more sexy time.


… and we’ll send it your way

Discreetly packaged and sent to a location of your choice. Boxes will be shipped on the 15 th of
every month.


At HushLuv, we put a lot of thought and trial into every box we pack. Depending on your choices
and predilections, we pack each box to ensure that you have all the ingredients to make your
sexy time a sensual epiphany. Depending on the box chosen, you will find a carefully curated
combination which may include sexy clothing, toys, sensual music and play suggestions.

Sexy curated Toys

Every month we aim to put a little something special, novel or unique into the box. The idea is to up your pulse and bring a flush to your cheeks.

VIP Parties

For the VIP subscribers, HushLuv organizes discreet and classy parties where our clients can meet likeminded individuals.

Sexy suggestions

Every box is thoroughly tested by our team of very interested curators before sharing it with you. We will send along our suggestions on not only how to use the toys included in the box, but also how you can set the mood, and sequence of sexy moves to get the most out of each box.

Sensual Mix

Every so often, we invite some of our favorite DJs to either share their personal sexy mixes or to create a special mix for HushLuv that will ease you into the mood or set the beat to the HushLuv box for the month.

You are beautiful!


Get started, your sexy box is waiting to light up your intimate time.


Sensual explosion in a box

Each box features a variety of body safe items geared towards couples or solo play. Usual
suspects include clit toys, masturbation strokers, stimulation creams, and lubes. But we do aim
to surprise so expect a unique twist with each box.

Sexy Box

$99 per month or $1100 per year


Vip box

$199 per month or $2300 per year



  • Your partner or your self love will enjoy this new beginning. It will entice and increase your new love of your relationship.
  • Try something new! Out of the box! Don’t you get bored easily?Won’t you be afraid of your partner maybe bored of you? Now it is the time to cease the momebt and keep your love one excited and coming back for more!
  • It is the best gift to get for somebody! It can be for a solo guy, solo girl, girl/boy, boy/boy and girl/girl relationship. It would be all curated well before sending it out once a month!


  • You will have the whole experienceDelightful experience to your sexy times
  • Your Love life will be UniqueThey will keep coming back to you as you will always have that special toy or fun excitement that you will bring to the bed
  • Your Exploded Bedroom TimeIt will be so dynamic! Your partner cannot live with you